At Komi Organics, we believe that
eating a variety of whole organic foods
in their purest state is the surest way
to grow young minds and bodies to
their fullest potential.
Balanced homemade kid's meals, fresh to your doorstep!
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Our organic children's meals

were designed to deliver the best possible nutrition to young children. Our meal plans are well balanced and insure your child receives 100% RDA of all nutrients for the five day delivery period.

Komi Organics recipes also feature key nutrients shown to be especially important to cognitive health and brain structure, like DHA, B12 and choline. Our meals are fresh, organic, locally sourced, developmentally appropriate and delicious!

We prepare all meals in our certified kitchen and deliver lunch and dinner to your doorstep. Our nutritionist approved meals are 100% natural: Free of added sugars, additives, preservatives, and low in sodium.